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Synopsis of Boundless Necromancer Manga

Seong-yun Han was just a boy when his parents were killed by monsters unleashed during a mysterious calamity called the “Dungeon Break.” Seven years later, Seong-yun is devastated to find that his grinding efforts to become a Hunter, fierce warriors who seek out and destroy monsters, are entirely in vain, as his fighting attributes have not increased at all. Seong-yun’s world flips on a dime when he accepts an invitation to join the Tower of Trials, an otherworldly realm where challengers must overcome trials that pit them against monsters and humans alike.

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Boundless Necromancer Manga Review

This manhwa is the prime example of unoriginal. which most times in manhwa isn’t a bad thing. Like Solo Leveling, it isn’t original but it just executes the premises better. All this manhwa has going for it is its art. I had to force myself through boredom to continue reading.
The characters are very typical as well, the story becomes extremely predictable adn you never even fear for the mc because you know he’s just going to beat it. If he enters a dungeon that’s supposed to be (lets say “F” class) you already know something is gonna go wrong, and that it isn’t a normal dungeon. The mc barely has any personality and just feels empty, not in a depressed/sad way.
If you are looking for a manhwa with every basic manwha premis combined into one, read this. Otherwise i would never recommend this.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10

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